Darnell Visits Gophers Back to Back

Darnell Visits Gophers Back to Back

Champlin Park (Minn.) junior Jack Darnell is big and capable of playing multiple positions, and that is why he is already receiving interest from multiple colleges, including his home state program.

Watch Jack Darnell on film and see a 6-foot-3, 250-pound kid standing up, playing linebacker and hustling around the field making plays. His size, growth potential, and motor have drawn schools to Champlin Park.

"I've heard from schools like Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Kansas, Indiana, and NDSU a little bit," he said. "I've visited Minnesota and Northern Illinois."

He has been to Minnesota on successive weeks and seen the Gophers defeat Nebraska and Northwestern.

"I really like their style of play and the coaching staff because they've been together so long. They're putting together a really good season right now beating those two good teams the last two weeks. I was at both of those games actually and I was real impressed with what I saw."

He added, "The thing I'll always remember is the fans rushing the field and it was amazing."

In his talks with the staff, they have been upfront about where he stands.

"I talked to Bill Miller, the linebacker coach a lot, after the elite camp I went to over the summer. He said, my interest, it depends on a lot on position because they don't know if they're looking at me at linebacker yet or defensive tackle, it depends on how my body shapes out in the future and how things go my senior year. They just said they want me to keep coming to games and we'll see what happens in the future."

The other school he has visited, Northern Illinois, has also impressed Darnell on his trips.

"They actually didn't even know that I played middle linebacker, but they like me at defensive line. What I liked there was the people. The people were so different from anywhere else that I visited. It's hard to describe, but the people really sold me there. They said they want me to come to camp in the summer and if I perform well, they'll send an offer out."

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